Travelling to Estonia is easy – by plane, train, automobile or boat (ferries and cruises). As a member of European Union, we’ve got all the comforts of modern European country to offer. Citizens from EU, USA, New Zealand, Canada or Australia do not need a visa to enter and you also do not need one. Estonia joined the EURO-zone in the beginning of 2011 - and now, EURO is the official currency.The value of the Estonian Kroon (eek) was fixed to the €. The smaller unit was called the Cent, 1 kroon = 100 cents. 1 EUR = 15,65 kroons(EEK).

In comparison with other European capitals, luxury is cheap and it is easy to get a good value for your money, making Estonia a desired shopping destination.Estonia has full mobile coverage and in city centrals, wireless is free and widely available. Read more about mail, phone and internet.Most shops, banks and restaurants are open on public holidays – 25th of December and 1st of January are the only days when most businesses are closed.

If you are traveling with children or people needing special care, please read our safety tips, disabled visitor information and medical information sections: armed with information, you can enjoy and relax while traveling. Remember: reflectors are mandatory in Estonia, so be sure you've got one attached every time you go out!

Be sure to visit local Tourism Information Centres for tips, maps or just a friendly chat: local tourism specialists can help you plan your routes, suggest activities and assist on making the most of your trip to Estonia.