Why Estonia Stands Out From The Crowd

  • Shell Patterns

There are over 1,500 islands in the sea off the Estnian coast and one of them bears the name Shell Island. The Islands are all places with a unique, almost pristine natural environment and an individual cultural atmosphere.

  • Normaalne!

Normaalne! (“Cool! Lit. “Normal!”). That’s what Estonians say when they have particularly good luck.

  • Think green!

Green thinking is held in high regard in Estonia. The use of renewable sources of energy and ideas of sustainable consumption come naturally to Estonians as they are a people surrounded by nature. Great strides have been made in establishing wind farms and putting recycling arangements in place Estonia is famous for its pristine wilderness and virgin nature reserves.

  •  Midsummer Day

Summer’s white nights are the most beautiful time of year and the longest summer’s day can last up to 19 hours. That day is 23 June- the summer solstice known as Midsummer Day or St. John’s Day.

  • Sauna

Certainly on Midsummer Day, but in fact year-round, regardless of the season or the phase of the moon, Estonians delight in a seemingly sadomasochistic activity: they shut themselves in airless rooms heated by hot stones to over 100 degrees Celcius and sit in the heat until their pores open and sweats starts to drip. They then pick up a whisk of birch or juniper twigs ans strike themselves all over until their skin is red. Then, where possible, they hurry into the nearest body of cold water and declare the activity “most pleasant”.

  • WiFi you!

Estonians are renowned for being workaholics and because of it are sometimes referred to as “the Japanese of Europe”.  The WiFi-thingumabob is a good side to all this. WiFi allows you to work anywhere in Estonia. Even if, for example, you should wake up on Monday morning on a limestone seashore, your head resting on your laptop, or in the embrace of a brown bear in its den.

  • International Estonians

Did you know that Skype was the invention of some ordinary Estonian guys? Yep, it’s true. They know how to make life sweeter. Respect! But did you also know that Estonia is one of the world’s leading countries in terms of innovative internet-based infrastructure development? It’s more than just the fact that in Estonia you can pay to park your car by sending an SMS message from your mobile phone or sign things electronically on the internet. Estonians can even vote by internet in the Presidential elections! It’s not for nothing that Estonia is called the e-Country.

  • Old Town meets New City

The Old Town of Tallinn is not very large, but it is unique in its intimacy. It is a delight for working people to be able to step away from the bustle of the city and in a few paces find a spot in a small, shaded park to read emails and then join the revellers ready for the fashionable futuretro time machine to transport them into both the past and the future in the Old Town’s coffee houses and nightclubs.

  • Estohype!

Estonia’s pop and underground scene is well-known Europe wide. Estonia’s club and Djs are famed in London and other hand-partying cities. Estonians always want to be in the vanguard, especially in matters in which they take pride, such as fashionable music. You could even be so bold as to say that what’s beating or buzzing in an underground club in Tallinn today will be main

  • Estonians have a love of their own culture and festivals

There are over 50 fairly major music festivals in Estonia every year, catering for eve

  • Estonia is the next tomorrowland

The most innovative country in the world is … Estonia? It has produced robots that can deliver groceries or paint murals. Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/video-on-demand/why-it-matters/how-estonia-became-tomorrowland-9813746